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I’ve known Estella since 2018 and commend both her and the work of The Future Melting Pot which does so much to empower - and create opportunities for - young people in our society.

 Estella serves as a role model for the next generation championing positive thinking via online training and programmes like ‘The Art of Self-Belief: the Key to Personal Effectiveness in Enterprise’ and showing participants how they can deploy their influence for good. I wish her continued success.

Dr Steve Garner, Professor and Head of Department of Sociology at Texas A&M University

I have long admired her determination, her strength of character, and her ability to inspire those around her to work effectively toward common goals.

Estella is also tenacious. She keeps her eye on the prize in terms of producing better outcomes. The opportunities TFMP currently provides for young people excluded from the workplace are extraordinary. To get where she is now, she has had to masterfully negotiate the obstacles of race and gender bias that are still a reality in contemporary Britain.”


Over the last year, it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Estella and her vision for Future Melting Pot CIC.

Her enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of every young person her organisation supports is infectious.  Seeing her channel belief through her team and her customers is pretty special and I know she will go on to have an even greater impact on her community.

I would particularly commend how Estella role models positive thinking and uses her influence for good, especially with many young people who are struggling to see a way forward for themselves.


Estella is a visionary and authentic leader who has demonstrated her leadership skills.

I have known Estella for over a decade, and during that time, I have had the opportunity to work with her on various projects and, more recently, as a business strategist supporting her social enterprise.

She possesses the talent of working at the grassroots and at strategic and policy levels. Her blended solution model focuses on collaboration over competition and is an expert in forming mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide social impact


Estella's drive to guide, support and provide opportunities to the young people in today’s circuity was very much needed.

Her proactiveness in quality for the provision of training and development for young people was both exciting and innovative and it is a pleasure to be working alongside her in building our young people for the future

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