Our guest in this episode is a multi-award-winning transformational leader, coach, author, mentor and sought-after inspirational speaker and the CEO of JacynthIvey.com, Jacynth Ivey. She helps business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders who are struggling with their worth, affecting their performances in life or business. 

Her book “It’s Okay to be Different: Reignite Your Passion, Fulfil Your Dreams” provide readers with seven life changing habits to confidently step forward into successful living and acknowledge your brilliance

Join us and get inspiration to her story.


  • Mindset
  • Racism
  • Empowering black women
  • Resilience


“Self belief for me is when you understand who you truly are and live authentically.”

“…there’s nothing that’s going to derail you. Nothing that’s going to directly because there is something that is deep inside that when somebody says I can’t, you say I can. When somebody closes the door, you go and find another door, knowing it may take you some time, but actually believing that actually that will happen. But it has to start with self.”

“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And we have the ability to do whatever it is that we set our minds to.”

“It’s okay to be different.  Why blend in, when you were born to stand out.”

“So we have to be intentional with our focus, what is it that we want to achieve? What are we moving towards? When we drive, we don’t look in the rearview mirror, because we’d never get very far. We look in the front mirror, we focus on where we’re going. It’s the same with life, where you put your focus is where your energy needs to go. And that’s what your aspirations are, in terms of what you achieve.”

“Being really clear about my why. What is it that I wanted to do and why?”

“…guarding my mind was, again, an intentional act. I had to think about the things that I read, the things that I watched on TV, the conversations I was having with the people that I allowed into my inner circle, as well. So yes, I’d have conversations with everybody. But there were some people that I would actually listen to, and take counsel from.”

“…work strategically. I had to look at the policies, the practices, make sure as they’re in discussions. And one of the things was, I made sure that when I challenged, I am well prepared. I had my armour.  I had the data, I had the evidence, I had the latest research, I had the lived experience of not only my lived experience, but of the staff as well. And of course, being a nurse of patients as well. So I was armed with all of that. So it’s really difficult for people to deny people’s experience, because if they deny their lived experience, we’ve got the data to back it up.” 

“…your intention is to be articulate, to be assertive is to get your point across, but you’ll do it in a way that edifies and that does not bring people down. And so when it comes to listening, I always say, “so many people listen to respond, instead of listening to understand.”

“…we need to be very clear about who’s in our inner circle, and to guard that, and to not let people in, at ease at will. It’s almost like you have to pass a test to get in there.”

“…my resilience is, has been built incrementally based on my experiences, based on my reflections, based on my learning, because stuff happens. The important thing is, we can’t prevent lots of things happening to us. But what we can do is we can learn, we can learn, and we can identify the stuff and the things that are within our control, not to repeat.”